Little Fixes

Little fixes done when you need them or when you ask:

Adjust Cabinet Doors
Door Adjustments and Repair
Plumbing Fixture Caulking
Drywall Repairs
Paint and Caulk Touchups
Weatherization Repairs
Minor Electrical Repairs
Minor HVAC Repairs
Doorknob Replacement
Retrofit Handicapped Assistance Devices
Showerhead Replacement
Kitchen or Bathroom Faucet Replacement
Hanging Pictures, Mirrors and More
Pest Control Including Plugging Mouse Holes
Minor Plumbing Repairs for Leaks, Drips
Fix Toilets that Keep Running
Landscape Sprinkler Adjust/Repair
Door Weather Stripping Adjust/Repair

Special Projects on request

Even if you haven’t signed up for the Home Maintenance Program, call us for an estimate on projects like these or other home repair services:

Window Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning
Moss Treatment on Roof, Sidewalks or Driveways
Spring Walkway/Driveway Pressure Wash
Exterior Home Siding Cleaning
Decks, Walks and Driveway Cleaning and Sealing
Yard Clean-Up
Repainting Inside and Out
Install or Upgrade Landscape or Exterior Lighting
Replace Doors, Garage Doors or Windows
HVAC Filter Cleaning
Retrofit Bathrooms for Handicap Access             Installation of seasonal decoration

Pick-up & Delivery   

Professional handyman services you’ll love............

.Save Money
.Save Time
.Personal Help
.A huge time saver
.They make it really easy